[Amsterdam] Piraat uit Massachusetts op visite

Danny Werner Danny.Werner op piratenpartij.nl
Vr Jun 8 17:26:16 CEST 2018

Hi James,

My apologies for taking so much time before responding.
I would like to meet you and I would like you to meet other dutch
pirates. That proves more difficult than I thought.
The weekly pubmeet of the pirates in Amsterdam is mondaynights at café
Checkpoint Charlie. Unfortunately you will be arriving at Tuesday.

David (cc), whom you have virtually met several years ago suggested
having dinner in Eindhoven. Both my wife (Leontien, cc) and train at
Thursdays. Tuesday would be best for us to join in Eindhoven.

Please call me, so we can find out what is possible.

Danny Werner +316 189 565 71
Zeeburgerkade 648
1019HS Amsterdam

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> Ahoy van een piraat uit Massachusetts!
> Mijn familie en ik zullen vanaf dinsdagavond 3 juli in Amsterdam zijn en
> zullen in de middag van de 6e vertrekken en willen graag een ontmoeting
> hebben met mede-piraten. Als dat mogelijk is, stuur me dan een e-mail.
> Hartelijk bedankt!
> James
> Ahoy from a Massachusetts Pirate!
> My family and I will be in Amsterdam from the evening of Tuesday, July
> 3rd and will be leaving in the afternoon of the 6th and would like to
> meet with fellow Pirates.  If that is possible, please send me an email.
> Thanks so much!
> James--
Thunderbirds are go!

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