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Geert-Jan geertjan op piratenpartij.nl
Za Okt 22 23:45:10 CEST 2016


Pirates all over the world are rising to the occasion. Iceland will be
the first country in the world where a Pirate Party will be the biggest
party and take the initiative in forming a government. This is inspiring
many other Pirate Parties in countries like The Netherlands, where the
Piratenpartij is currently polling at 1 or 2 seats for the national

‘Iceland’ is an example not just for Pirates, but for many people around
the world. International media outlets are covering this surge of ‘the
new party’, because it has become a symbol for the future of democracy
and for the new way of doing politics.

The election night will be huge. This is an opportunity for other Pirate
Parties to join in this wave of excitement. Engage your local audience!
If they can win in Reykjavik, you can win in your city, region or
country. Let Brigitta and her Pirates show the world that the time is
now, that the world needs more Pirates.

This is why we are organizing a ‘Pirates For Iceland’ Night.

	Where: 't Boterhuis, Markt 15-17a, 2611 GP, Delft
	When: zaterday 29 October from 21:00 till sunday 02:00

Other know locations so far are Amsterdam and Groningen.

Noting near you? Organise your own!

Met vriendelijke Arrrrh!! Geert-Jan

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